The team at Victoria Forms

Our team of expert software engineers and programmers ensure your forms not only function beautifully but look stunning too. Utilizing our pre-existing range of software add-ons and developing new, custom solutions for your online forms, the Victoria Forms team make sure all of your eForm needs are met.

We use the skills of development teams based in four countries; this means we are up to date with advancements in coding on an international level. The team employs rigorous testing and maintenance checks on the system: anything that needs upgrading will be. If there’s a problem, we’ll spot it and sort it straight away. In case you’re wondering, our software is (of course) legally compliant and GDPR friendly!

The best part is, we’re always on hand to help. Whether you want edits made to the forms we’ve designed for you or whether you’re struggling with designing your own form using VF Creator, we’ll find a solution as soon as we possibly can.

To get in touch about the online form solutions we can provide, contact us today.